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Welcome To The Tarotsphere! This Shoutbox is Not Moderated. Please BE RESPECTFUL OF EACH OTHER.
TeaAndTarot: Where would be the best place to start a deck study thread? The Wooden Tarot is on its way and Iā€™d like to post my thoughts here for posterity. Sept 1, 2019 11:44:14 GMT
wildrosespeonies: . Probably the Tarot Deck Discussion would be the best place, as you are just studying one specific deck. But make sure to check the whole thread as there might already be a Wooden Tarot thread already. Sept 3, 2019 18:16:40 GMT
wildrosespeonies: Everytime I visit this board, a bunch of spammers have clogged up all the topics. Can't wait for them to get banned. Jan 16, 2020 22:57:24 GMT
aeon418: Seeing as this place is essentially a "zombie forum", spammer-clogged threads are the way of the future I'm afraid. Jan 27, 2020 17:43:42 GMT
alliek: hi Feb 1, 2020 23:11:52 GMT
pariah90: Wow, I didn't realize it has been so long since I've visited this forum! Mar 21, 2020 0:55:35 GMT
pariah90: Haha get your free psychic reading today (jk)! I predict you will spend a lot of time at home and wash your hands multiple times...and buy decks you didn't really need Hmmm or is this just me ; ) Mar 21, 2020 0:58:55 GMT
Holly: Hey all! It's been a while. I'm a terrible forum-parent, life is crazy. I've appointed Earthair as a global mod, and starting this Monday I'm appointing 30min a day for forum clean up for myself. May 1, 2020 21:40:50 GMT
Holly: We'll work on getting spammers out of here, and hopefully we can make it a nice forum again. I still haven't abandoned the grand plan, but COVID put a monkey wrench in the works :( May 1, 2020 21:42:02 GMT
earthair: Welcome back :) May 1, 2020 22:37:36 GMT
tarotist: Hi to all! I'm a newbie in this forum. I look forward to contributing to the forum. ;) May 16, 2020 17:38:51 GMT *
Holly: Hi ! We're glad to have you here :) May 16, 2020 17:46:07 GMT
laura: Hi to all. New here but wanted to say hello. Looking forward to posting. May 17, 2020 8:17:29 GMT
Holly: Hi Laura! Welcome to the forum :) May 17, 2020 15:14:01 GMT
laurel: I am new here, just finished reading the rules and hoping to get settled in. Nice to be here! May 18, 2020 3:52:42 GMT
Holly: Hi Welcome to the forum šŸ˜Š May 18, 2020 13:18:14 GMT
inomminate: Hi I am new and hope. May 22, 2020 8:52:04 GMT
Holly: Hi! šŸ˜ŠšŸ‘‹ May 22, 2020 22:40:10 GMT
Holly: Hey everyone! Please take a moment to check out the new blog topics. I'll be using this feature to turn content from our humble forum into a community driven blog and eventually a digital magazine. May 26, 2020 13:52:36 GMT
Holly: May 26, 2020 13:52:48 GMT