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Holly: Hey everyone! Please take a moment to check out the new blog topics. I'll be using this feature to turn content from our humble forum into a community driven blog and eventually a digital magazine. May 26, 2020 13:52:36 GMT
Holly: May 26, 2020 13:52:48 GMT
ellarose: Hi I'm Ella, it's great to be a part of the Tarotsphere community :) Jun 15, 2020 15:38:46 GMT
wildrosespeonies: It's been breathtaking and wonderful to see Black Lives Matter have such an impact in such a short period of time. Although the movement has been happening for several years, but it is nice to see long overdue results starting to come in. We need change. Jun 17, 2020 18:56:32 GMT
wildrosespeonies: I think we also need a topic to address racism in tarot decks as there are quit a few decks that been called out for featuring racist depictions. I'm talking about ones made in the last few years not 100 years ago. Jun 20, 2020 17:34:52 GMT
wildrosespeonies: See for example: both of PixieCurio's decks. JonausJaus's first deck. And several others. (Nobody is saying you can't own these decks but do own up they have harmful depictions of POC.) Jun 20, 2020 17:37:01 GMT
Holly: Hi WRP, maybe start a thread to get the discussion going? Jun 21, 2020 21:08:23 GMT
wildrosespeonies: I will start a thread on Monday when I'm off. Jun 28, 2020 4:33:51 GMT
wildrosespeonies: It's Friday instead of Monday but I made the thread. I think it is in the right spot. Feel free to move it if it is not. Jul 3, 2020 17:19:47 GMT
Holly: WRP I have sent you a private message. Jul 12, 2020 14:31:51 GMT
DracaiScira: New computer and much, much better internet <3 Jul 31, 2020 2:40:38 GMT
Holly: YAAAAAY! WB Dracai!!! <3 Aug 1, 2020 19:19:40 GMT
earthair: it's too hot to move Aug 9, 2020 16:21:10 GMT
DracaiScira: Ohhhh I feel that (ugh) Winter plz come soon Aug 12, 2020 14:34:07 GMT
earthair: I'm fed up with our government constantly threatening us with lockdown. It's cruel and abusive. Sept 9, 2020 22:30:56 GMT
dancer06vibes: Hi, I'm new here. And also new to my psychic abilities and tarot reading. Please support :) Sept 15, 2020 17:13:20 GMT
DracaiScira: Ooooo tarot is so much fun <3 Also, just got the Modern Witch deck for myself but I think I'm gonna close a circle and gift my sister the deck too (she bought me my very, very first deck back in highschool) Sept 19, 2020 22:01:41 GMT
tiptapdrats: Heyo! I'm new here, but I personally am not actually a diviner. Rather, I collect cards, and feel that Tarot and Oracle cards have some of the most intricate and beautiful art of most anything else. Still, nice to be here! Sept 21, 2020 2:54:34 GMT
Holly: Wonderful to have you Tiptapdrats! Collecting tarot is certainly a great way to expand an art collection :) Sept 26, 2020 15:39:50 GMT
tiptapdrats: Thanks for having me! I hope to fit in well-enough here! Sept 28, 2020 19:12:22 GMT